HISPANIC KITCHEN’S RECIPE OF THE WEEK…Cuban Picadillo… by Jessica Merideth Urda Hispanic Kitchen

No Latino website would be complete without covering the amazing variety of Hispanic cuisines. As we all know, the culinary delights of Mexico are a bit different from those of Guatemala, Panama, Colombia or Peru. And many dishes are very economical to prepare. That’s why every week or so, we will feature a classic recipe from different parts of Latin America. Want to share? Send us your...

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When David Ortiz announced last winter that 2016 would be his final major league season, he didn’t do it for the publicity or extra fanfare. He was just giving Red Sox Nation advance notice. If you want to see that violent, left-handed home run swing one more time, hurry up and buy your tickets. Big Papi has entertained fans across the country for 19 seasons,...

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Photo by Matt Roth

Conservative Latina CNN pundit Ana Navarro, from Miami, is photographed in the network's Washington D.C. bureau Tuesday, January 22, 2013.

https://cnncommentary.com/tag/ana-navarro/ Politics

Veteran political commentator Ana Navarro is stanchly conservative and one of those rare Hispanics who has been loyal to the GOP seemingly forever. Her reasons are justified. A native of Nicaragua, Navarro fled to Miami in 1980 when she was only eight years old, her family fearful of the instability created by the Sandinista takeover. They were lucky because the majority of people from that impoverished Central...

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